Psychiatric illness can occur in any class person Let it be top businessmen or best of officers or good working people; no profession or socio- economic group is immune to development of psychological problems. Psychiatric problems are also seen among children, adolescents, adults, old people, women as well as men.

Stress, minor & major psychological problems are becoming more & more prevalent & are nourishing on our improper styles & ways of living, poor coping skills , stigmatization of psychological illnesses,  old social rituals, superstitions , misconceptions, illiteracy &  most importantly the ignorance. The problem is with knowledge, acceptance & proper & timely treatment.

Research has shown that because of increasing psychological problems, medical illnesses, psychosomatic illnesses are also increasing day by day . Almost 30% patients attending general OPD for chronic illnesses like acidity, headache and not improving with medications are actually due to psychological problem which needs to be evaluated and treated.

Sexual problems are also seen in increasing amount, especially in younger population, middle and old age people.  Stress & psychological problems are underlying causes of most of sexual problems. Fear & incomplete knowledge of science increases sexual problems & distress.



Psychosomatic disorders are manifestations of physical symptoms in which emotional components have a strong influence. Studies have revealed that inappropriate activation of the autonomous nervous system, endocrine system (hormones and internal secretion glands), and the immune system accounts for several of the known paths that link emotional overload to a condition of organic dysfunction and, in some cases, even physical distress.

disorders with psychological factors assumed to play a major role in the etiology, triggering, and maintenance of somatic complaints”.


Upbringing, environment, social settings, genetics and personal interpretations of events, as well as the capacity to cope with the elements that come together as the person develops and interacts seem to play an important role when confronted with a psychosomatic manifestation.

Body & mind Connections

There is increasing evidence that stress has a direct biological effect on disease risk, involving the sympathetic nervous system, the Hypothalamo-Pituitary-Adrenomedullary axis, and the inflammatory response system – a major chain reaction released by the immune complex.

Important Tips

The effectiveness of medical and psychiatric interventions may be improved by treatment methods that address interpersonal processes in the patient’s world that may have contributed to the dysfunctional state and help to maintain it .


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